Sliding Glass Patio Door Repair

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Sliding Glass Patio Door Repair

Las Vegas Sliding Glass Patio Door Repair in Las Vegas, Henderson Nevada get yours fixed today

Action Door Services is the Las Vegas #1 sliding glass patio door repair experts in Las Vegas, Nevada. We go all over the Valley. Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Boulder City Nevada.  If your door is hard to move, we can quickly repair it with new rollers. Sliding Glass Patio Door Repair in Las Vegas, Henderson Nevada, get yours fixed today

The Las Vegas Sliding Glass Patio Door Repair Service that we offer will solve problems with a hard moving door

If your sliding glass patio door aluminum track has any dips in it and causes the door to bump, we usually can repair that too!

Sliding glass patio door lock is broken? We can fix that. We keep approximately 20-30 different patio glass sliding door repair roller assemblies on the truck at a given time. We also order sliding screen doors or can have a custom one made for you (we do not do windows but can recommend folks that can!).

The father and son started repairing sliding glass patio doors, back in 1996 here in Las Vegas. We have a great customer base. Work can usually be completed in an hour or so. But there have been some that take as long as 3 hours.

Our company sends out 2 guys, as some of these doors can be really heavy. Also we are working with glass, and 2 people is a lot safer!

Some tips on your patio door is, please keep track clean of dirt, dust, and pet hair. We have had people say they have sprayed everything on the track to make the sliding glass patio door slide better. But there is nothing you can do when the rollers wear out. The rollers are up underneath door where you cannot spray them anyway. We have tried. The only we can do is to fully take door out of frame and visually check door for wear.

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